I love my hair and I will be returning.

“This young lady is a very professional and sweet. I love my hair and I will be returning.”

Rhonda Stewart


“LOVE MY HAIR WOW!! She was so efficient with time and did an amazing job. Definitely will be returning.”

Kiara N.

…Beautiful soul.

“Excellent as always… Beautiful soul.”

Jackie Y.

Janiese is very skilled at her craft!

“Janiese is very skilled at her craft! She’s fast, efficient and cares for the health of your hair. She has a very sweet spirit and a forever customer in me!”

NeNe R.

I’m so happy I booked and got blessed

“I’m so happy I booked and got blessed with my twist. The process was faster than I expected and Janiese did not pull my hair to achieve the finished product. This is the perfect style for natural hair and I will be coming back for more hair styles.”

Ashli P.


Victoria J.


This queen is extremely talented and I can’t rave about her enough. She handles your hair with care and is very passionate about what she does as it shows in her work. She is very polite, professional and always makes me feel comfortable. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she is able to execute every style I’ve asked for. I love the convenience of her providing her own brand of hair and I have to say I was very impressed with it this last time. My hair has grown so much since getting protective styles done by her the last couple months. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a great stylist.

Monet Lewis

She’s more than a GREAT hairstylist.

Before I made my way to the West Coast, I searched for the best. I immediately found Janiése. It took TWO months to get on her books but I didn’t mind the wait because something told me it’d be worth it when I finally got in her chair. As soon as I sat down, I knew I was good to go! She’s an amazing person! The vibe is always beautiful and I always feel like we could go out for drinks together and just show off my hair ! Lol. The styles last, my hair grows, and the service is super amazing!

Neisha Booker

Happy hair

I have been using the hydration spray, the nourishing oil and the excellent edges since the beginning of this year and it has made my hair grow, kept it moisturized and is making my edges come back. I really love these products especially being in Arizona where the climate is so dry, my hair is happy and hydrated.

DeErika Parker

LOVE IT ! My new go-to braiding hair

I purchased 5 packs of the ombre royalty braiding hair and it arrived fast. The hair color is vibrant, the texture is soft, easy to manage when braiding and blends very well with any hair type. Ill be ordering this hair for my braids now !

Edrica Allen

Braiding hair

This braiding hair is LITERALLY my go-to hair. I don’t braid often but when I do, I definitely use this hair. It’s so soft, pre-stretched, tangle free and responsive to hot water. The shipping took 3 days 🙌🏿. Using this hair has definitely made be a better braider because my fingers are able to glide through the hair so easily that I don’t have to worry about anything except the technique! My braids come out tighter and smoother! Thanks Janiese. I can’t wait to experiment with ALL the colors.

Michelle Roberts

Braiding Hair

Will definitely be purchasing the braiding hair again! The hair arrived very quickly. The hair was perfect for my waist length knotless braids!

Makayla Bittle

Brown Sugar & Ombre Goldie

I ordered brown sugar & ombre goldie for my braids and once again i’m a happy customer ! The colors bring life to my style.

Edrica Allen

seborrheic dermatitis

The first time I came to get my hair braided my scalp was so bad. I have been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis For years now, nothing has worked for it. Janiese was super sweet and didn’t make me feel bad about it but actually offered me a solution which is her hair oil and hydration spray, I kid you not I used them both for 5 weeks and when I can back I had no flakes my scalp was completely clear. I have not had any flare ups and my scalp is so healthy. I will continue using her products because they literally are the only products that have worked. I highly recommend them and as well as her braiding services!!!



I have had wonderful experiences at the hand of JDiva! She has braided my hair for my birthday! Most gorgeous Bob ever. Ever since my hair has been loc’ed I use the hydration spray and excellent edges faithfully. My daughter is a fan of the nourishing oil and often reminds me when we are low to reorder!

Jameika Manradge