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This oil was specifically hand crafted with Healthy Hair in mind. We need oils that not only penetrate our hair shaft, but also seal in any moisture we have added to our hair.

Coconut Oil is one of the best oils to really penetrate our hair shaft! Avocado Oil is packed with Vitamins A, B, D and E which makes it great for aiding in preventing damage to your hair. Lastly, my beloved Jamaican Black Castor Oil (truly my favorite) is a powerful sealant oil that also improves blood circulation to your scalp (which promotes hair growth).

*NEWLY ADDED* – African Baobab Seed Oil is a gem! It packs 6 times more vitamin C than that of an Orange! It is one of very few oils that contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. It is also widely known to be nourishing and soothing to skin (which is a great help in fighting dandruff as dandruff is a result of Dry skin). Baobab oil penetrates deeply into the hair follicles and it also contains softening and regenerative properties that aids in retaining moisture!

Niese’s Nourishing Oil also comes in a “Light” Formula, infused with Grapeseed Oil for those with finer hair textures or those with low porosity hair.

*SCENTS*- This oil is offered in 5 scents: Peppermint, Lavendar, Lemongrass, Vanilla Lemongrass and Island Nectar! Island Nectar is perfect for those who love a sweet yet light scent. Vanilla Lemongrass is self explanatory. Smells so good!

*disclaimer: ALL ingredients are 100% Natural. However, if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above, please do not purchase for use.*

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Lavender, Peppermint, Island Nectar, Vanilla Lemongrass, Lemongrass

9 reviews for Niese’s Nourishing Oil

  1. Lauren (verified owner)

    Love this oil!! Perfect for the crochet style I have right now. After cleansing my scalp, I used your hydration spray and then used this oil.. it truly smells and feels nourishing ??‍♀️ I have the Jamaican black castor oil base and it’s not too thick, it’s the right balance and melted right in ? thank you Janiece!

    • JDivaStyles

      Im glad to hear that the Jamaican Black Castor Base is just right for you! Thank you for trusting my products!

  2. pepsdaughter (verified owner)

    This oil is it! I use it on my daughter who has a combination of 3b and 3c hair along with the hydration spray on wash day before doing a protective style on her. This nourishing oil creates a smooth slick path when passing the comb through her hair and it smells FAB! Wait, it gets better! Since using healthy cleansing shampoos/conditioners and these amazing products, there has been a HUGE difference in the amount of hair that falls out on wash day. Before using the oil and hydration spray, I’d say she’d lose about the size of 2 quarters, but this last time she lost an amount the size of a dime 🙂 and it’s been 2 weeks since the previous wash day (no itch, no flakes)! Thank you Janiese <3

    • JDivaStyles

      I’m so glad to hear this works great for her! Please continue to keep me updated ?

  3. Farah (verified owner)

    I ordered Janiese oil and hydration spray and the edge oil about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love all three that I ordered again 3 weeks later. Since using the oils and hydration spray in my LCO routine I have noticed that my hair has gotten thicker. The hydration spray is my favorite because when you spray it’s not a lot of spray where if used consistently it would not run out fast. It is more of a spritz so it’s not too much or too little when applied. This alone made me think that this is a good investment because I don’t have to worry about running out too quick. I brought more products 3 weeks later just to stock up for the rest of the winter. Thank you Janiese!

    • JDivaStyles

      Farah!! Thank you for that review! I love that you’re using them with the LCO method and LOVEEE to hear about your hair getting thicker! Thank you for being a consistent customer!

  4. Jamesha (verified owner)

    Love love love it!!! Provides moisture and is a great asset to my hair care routine. The lemongrass scent is so refreshing!!!

  5. Saba (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing to use not just over the course of wearing a protective style, but for simple wash and go’s and natural styling. The oil ISNT heavy and my hair eats it up and seals all the moisture. Incredible product, coupled with the hydration spray, you’ll never be disappointed!

  6. Tanya Chesson (verified owner)

    I am on my 3rd re-up of the nourishing hair oil. My favorite scent is the Island Nectar. It has such a yummy fruity yet light smell to it. I use this oil on my scalp and my hair, and it does not fail me. I have fine hair strands, so I use the grape seed oil base and it does not weigh down my hair at all.

    I only use JDiva products for my hair maintenance, and if she made shampoo and conditioner that would likely be in the regimen too! LOL

    Coming from one who has used a variety of hair care lines during my natural hair journey, I am so pleased with the quality of JDiva’s products.

  7. Enuma (verified owner)

    Niese’s Nourishing Oil has been life changing for me!
    I used to have severe dandruff and dry patches all over my scalp. No matter what I used, I couldn’t get my scalp to be healthier and dandruff-free. I found her oil about a year and a half ago & started using the Grapeseed + Peppermint version to improve my scalp after I chose to chop off my locs. I have not had issues with dandruff since and over the year and a half my hair has grown out sooooo fast and it’s thicker and healthier!!!
    So grateful for Janiése and her AMAZING products*.
    *A+++ on the Healthy Hydration Spray too, which I use to keep my hair moisturized when it is in braids.

  8. Asante (verified owner)

    Best oil I’ve used for my scalp since I’ve locked my hair. It keeps my scalp moisturized and healthy. I’ve also noticed my hair grows much quicker since I’ve starting using this paired with the hydration spray. I recommend it to everyone.

  9. Ronald (verified owner)

    Love the Nourishing Oil. As a man with Locs, this is one of my essential products in my hair routine. It helps with moisture, strengthen of my hair and the different scents for your preference is amazing. The product is delivered in a timely fashion upon order. I highly recommend for those looking for a great affordable hand crafted product.

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