Rejuvenation System




Our Rejuvenation System was created by a Mother, met with sudden hair loss due to a chemical reaction from a lace front + glue and a Daughter, who is a Hairstylist studying to be a Trichologist. We all know, but in case you didn’t, nutrients are extremely significant to our overall well-being and our overall well-being will have an affect on our hair.

In research and study through Jacqueline’s hair loss journey, we found that ingesting our Rejuvenation Herbal Tea and topically using our Herbal Oil, has shown great results!

A powerhouse, dynamic duo consisting of potent DHT inhibitors, Multiple Vitamins, Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory properties that brought healing and restoration.

For optimal results, we absolutely recommend using The System together daily. 

For daily use of the oil: Use it lightly, as excessively heavy oil use on your scalp can cause dandruff.


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